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Lunar Eclipse 28th August 2007 by Steve Massey

Above: Sequence of the total lunar eclipse on 28th August 2007 from Sydney. ED-100mm refractor, a 20mm plossl eyepiece and Canon A10 compact camera.

View across Mare Crisium - GSTAR-EX3 colour camera 2017
Mare Crisium apollo-like view GSTAR-EX3

Clavius - GSTAR-EX3 colour camera 2016

Clavius - GSTAR-EX3 colour camera





















Plato - GSTAR-EX3 colour camera 2016

Plato - GSTAR-EX3 colour camera

Eratosthenes - Sky-Watcher 254mm and GSTAR-EX


Eratosthenes - GSTAR-EX3 colour camera 2016




Schickard - GSTAR-EX mono




Moretus and surrounding region in the south GSTAR-EX mono 
moretus.jpg (525990 bytes)
















Copernicus  - GSTAR-EX3 colour camera 2016



Archimedes - Aristillus & Autolycus
GSTAR-EX3 colour camera 2016


The Moon

This image is a composite of six images taken with the GSTAR-EX3 camera and 130mm telescope.



Rupes Recta (The Straight Wall)
Telescope 254mm telescope and GSTAR-EX camera

The Straight Wall

Tycho  43.3S, 11.2W
Camera GSTAR-EX3

Tycho - GSTAR-EX3





Petavius 25.3S, 60.4E 177 kilometres.
Camera Luna-Cam 2



Langrenus 8.9S, 60.9E 132 kilometres.
Camera Luna-Cam 2


Steinheil 48.6S, 46.5E
Steinheil is 67kilometers seen in the foreground of this image.
The crater immediately behind is 66 kilometre Watt.


Werner 70.6S, 5.5W
70 km Werner is the centre crater in this picture.
To the upper left is Aliacensis.



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