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Messenger Probe


Mercury Data

Mercury May 2005 Mercury animation from May 2005.
It comprises 2 observations - the first by the late Erwin van der Velden on the 5th using an 8-inch Cassegrain and Steve Massey (10-inch Newtonian) on the 8th  May.

The animation clearly reveals the presence of 'real' surface features moving in accordance with the planets rotation.


Mercury May 8th 2005


Since the full mapping of the planet was later completed by the Mercury Messenger spacecraft, I revisited my 2005 image and was able to overlay a messenger based image to help identify dark and light regions.



Mercury (near IR filter)


Mercury 1st October 2006

Daytime images of Mercury captured with a GSTAR-EX CCD video camera and 10-inch Newtonian reflector.

Filter - Cousins I filter (~750nm)

Mercury October 2006

Right: Mercury transit of the Sun on May 7th 2003 8 inch Newtonian @ f25 with Baader solar filter. 26 stacked video frames and processed in Adobe PhotoShop. Image not to scale.
Camera: LunaCam 4 (1/3" Video CCD) Time 15:26 AEST

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