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Mars 29th August 2018 - ProStar Concorde 290M camera




Mars - 17th Auguest 2018

MARS 2016 - ProStar LP-GUIDE-C2 colour camera and 12 inch Newtonian


Mars 10th June 2016
View 3D images here Watch video animation here
Mars 17th May 2016 Mars 20th May 2016
Mars 28th May 2016

Mars 25th June 2016
Steve Massey - Hervey Bay QLD - Australia

Mars 1st July 2016

Mars 2nd July 2016


Mars 4th April 2014
Angular size15 arc seconds
12-inch Newtonian - ProStar 5X barlow and Vixen 2.4X c-mount tele-extender
Camera: Imaging Source colour.

Mars April 2014

Mars April 4th 2014

Mars 9th March 2012
DBK21 618 colour CCD camera & Sky-Watcher 305mm Newtonian

Mars 9th March 2012

Mars - 10th February 2010 - Hervey Bay Mars U.T 10th February 2012 - DBK21 618 colour CCD camera & Sky-Watcher 305mm Newtonian
Mars U.T 4th February 2012 - DBK21 618 colour CCD camera & Sky-Watcher 305mm Newtonian

Mars - 4th February 2010 - Hervey Bay


MARS 2010  
Mars January 16th 2010

Telescope 12-inch Sky-Watcher Newtonian and ProStar RGB filters (70 stacked images per colour channel) Seeing average.
Camera: GSTAR-EX


MARS 2005 - Telescope 10-inch Newtonian and RGB filters
Mars October 25th 2005 Mars October 2005

mars-nov-2005.jpg (39849 bytes)

Martian Dust Storm

Mars Southern Dust Storm

Large dust storm to the west of Solis Lacus on the 25th October 2005 curving south to south-east at left. It appears to have subsided by the 27th in the image at right. Telescope 254mm Newtonian @F/36 Filters: GSTAR-EX and RGB True Technology with IR blocking.

MARS 2003

Astrovid 2000 and

60cm Cassegrain at F/36
Filters: RVB (IR Block)

Mars July 2003

Mars 2003

Right: Mars - U.T 14:30 - 16th July 2003
ill = 92.7 dia = 19.5" Seeing 3-4/5
200mm Newtonian - RGB with IR block
Astrovid 2000 1/2" CCD and 150 stacked frames per channel with Registax

mars2003d.jpg (21967 bytes)

Right: Mars U.T 17:30 - 7th August 2003
Dia 23.4" ill 97.4%
200mm telescope @ f27 - Astrovid 2000
RGB filters (IR block)  - 40 stacked RGB frames.Processed Registax and Photoshop


Mars 2001 - Astrovid 2000 and 60cm Cassegrain at F/36 Filters: RVB



Mars 2001

This is a mercator projection of Mars made up from several images captured on the 17th June 2001



Mars 1999
May 1st UT 13:57 -  f/36

This image is the combination of 1 x low-res colour camera image and 1 x hi-res monochrome image taken within minutes of each other.




Mars 1997

Right: Reviewing some old VHS video tape of Mars from 1997 this image is comprised of 23 of the best paused frames from the steadiest moments. It has been resized slightly. No filters used.



mars1997a.jpg (13835 bytes)
Phobos & Deimos
Mars and Deimos Deimos captured with all video output settings at maximum using COAA - AstroVideo to sum 150 frames in real-time. Slight perturbations by wind, drive gear tolerances and seeing contributed to this less than pinpoint registration of  light across several pixels producing a more bloated than true appearance. Phobos was in mid transit. F/18 See animation





Mars - Phobos and Deimos

Deimos Left and Phobos is at right- August 2003

Below: Animation shows Deimos left as Mars moving in retrograde sky motion- October 2005. Images captured with 10-inch Newtonian and Mintron integrating CCD video camera. A short exposure of Mars was taken and placed over the saturated region to show its position and scale.
Mars and Deimos
Mars very near the Moon as seen from Sydney. U.T 16:25 October 6th 2003. Taken through cloud while the Moon was low in the sky.






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