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Vixen - VC200L with SXD2 PFL GoTo mountadd this item to shopping cartThis product is highly recommended
Code: 25106
Classic 200mm f/9 modified catadioptric with highly corrected flat field optics with precision SXD2 German Equatorial mount


The legendary Vixen VISAC catadioptric design achieves a photographic field virtually free of aberrations. As coma, spherical and curvature of field are perfectly corrected, images are stunningly sharp. Star images are less than 15 microns across all the way to the very edge of the 42mm photographic field circle employed in 35mm format imagers. It is a telescope truly designed for both visual and astrophotography.

Features a unique high precision sixth order aspherical primary mirror, a convex secondary mirror and triplet corrector lens. The primary is held in place by a retaining ring as opposed to hooks to decrease flare and enhance contrast.

Aperture: 200mm (8-inch)
Focal Length 1800mm = f/9
Resolving Power 0.58 arc seconds
Limiting Magnitude = 13.3
Light Gathering Power - 816x
Diameter / Length - OD 232mm (L)620mm, 6Kg
Visual Back - 60mm, 42mm threaded for T-Ring / 50.8 (2-inch) and 31.7mm Push Fit
Includes: 20mm and 9mm Lanthanum eyepieces
Finderscope 7x50mm (Field 6.8 deg)
Photography: Prime Focus and Eyepiece projection

Mount head: Vixen Dovetail-Plate Mounting Block standardised
R.A Slow Motion 180-tooth full circle movement gear, 72mm in diameter (Brass)
DEC. Slow Motion 180-tooth full circle movement gear, 72mm in diameter (Brass)
Worm Gears: 9mm diameter (Brass)
R.A Axis: 40mm diameter (Carbon Steel)
DEC. Axis: 35mm diameter (Carbon Steel)
Bearings: 9 bearings
Counterweight Bar: 20mm diameter (Retractable)
Polar Axis Scope: Built-in 6x20mm scope, FoV 8 degree, Bubble Level, Illuminated Reticle, Setting accuracy within 3 arc minutes
Time Graduation Circle: 10 minutes increments between 16h and 8h (the following day)Date Graduation Circle: 2 days increments
Meridian Offset Circle: Adjustable between E20 degree and W20 degree in 5 degrees increments
Northern Hemisphere: Polaris pattern with reticle (Applicable to year 2025)
Southern Hemisphere: Octants 4 stars pattern with reticle
Azimuth Adjustment: Twin-screw fine adjustment: Approx +/-7° degrees: 2° degrees per rotation
Alt Adjustment: 0 degree to 70 degrees, (Fine adjustment with tangent screw:+/-15 degrees, 3-step elevation) Approx 0.8° degrees per rotation
Drive Motor: Stepping (Pulse) Motor with 250pps
Automatic Slewing/Tracking: "GO TO" with STAR BOOK TEN?Maximum 1,000x sidereal rate / Precision tracking with micro-step motion control system
Payload Approx: 1.3-15kg (32.5-400kg, cm torque load: About 1.3-15kg at a point of 25cm from the fulcrum)
Controller Terminal: D-SUB9PIN Male Plug
Power Terminal: DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
Power Consumption: DC12V, 0.45~2.2A (at 10kg payload), 0.6~2.5A (Maximum)
Dimensions 343mm × 360mm × 128mm
Weight Approx 9.2 kg(without counterweight)


Red light "Night vison" mode Yes
Brightness adjustment Yes
"Hibernate" mode Yes
Objects in memory 272,342
Also includes Moon map
Registration of user objects: Yes
Comet tracking mode: Yes
Satelite tracking mode: Yes
Backlash compensation: Yes
PEC: Yes
Permanet PEC: No
Cross Over Maridian Setting: Yes
Autoguider port: Yes
PC connection: LAN

**Note delivery is dependent on current stock but is typically 2-4 weeks from time of ordering**

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Price: $6,395.00
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