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Vixen - AX103S f/8.0 Super Apochromat OTAadd this item to shopping cartThis product is highly recommended
Code: 26144
Super Hi performance 103mm x 825mm APO MAX with in-built field corrector

Another superb telescope designed and manufactured in Japan by Vixen. Referred to in a US magazine review as the Ferrari or Porsche of 4-inch refractors it is certainly one the finest 4-inch APO refractors available today. When we say this we mean both optically corrected, for field flatness and camera ready build.
The AX103S refractor with its quadruplet optical performance overall and fine Japanese made Ohara FK03 (FPL53) extra low dispersion glasses is without doubt amazing! This beautiful refractor yields high contrast images, excellent colour correction and field flatness perfect for visual and astrophotography alike challenging neck to neck the finest top end brands in the world in its class.


1) Three-element objective, with an ED lens at the center which greatly reduces chromatic aberration to extraordinary levels while yielding very high contrast images. Multi-coatings applied to the lenses,assures the light transmission of 99.5% on each surface for the wavelength of 400nm to 700nm.

2) A field corrector lens which is housed in the rear of the optical tube yields tack sharp images (to about 20-micron star images) even to the edge of the view field.

3) High Precision Multi-Coatings are applied to all the lenses, assuring the highest light-transmission (99.5% at each surface for the ultimate wavelength of 400nm to 700nm).

4) It has a unique, precision, built-in dual speed, heavy lift, smooth as a Crayford style rack and pinion micro adjustment focuser enabling coarse and fine focus adjustments with a 7:1 ratio. Only the japanese make truly stable rack & pinion focusers with the smooth performance of Crayford style designs but the heavy lift capacity only found in a rack and pinion system so vital for non-slippage during astrophotography.


Aperture: 103mm Triplet element with ED centre element
Focal Length: 825mm (F/8)
Resolving power:1.13 arc seconds
Limiting magnitude:11.8
Field Corrector lens built in to the optical tube for highly corrected images.
Tube weight with rings and dovetail bar: 5.1kgs
(body only = 4.6kg)

The optical tube assembly includes tube rings, dovetail mounting plate, 9X50 illuminated finderscope, finder bracket, flip mirror diagonal and classic Vixen carry handle.

This is a really excellent truly colour corrected refractor - I highly recommend it to serious refractor lovers and astrophotographers.

**An optional focal reducer which works exclusively with the AX103S is available reducing the focal length by 0.7X (F5.6) making this a truly exceptional instrument for astrophotography.**

**Note delivery is dependent on current stock but is typically 2-4 weeks from time of ordering**

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