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Saxon 70 x 400mm Travel Scope

An excellent travel companion telescope for hikers, campers, bird-watchers and astronomy beginners. This incredible light-weight and compact telescope package will ensure you enjoy lovely terrestrial vistas such as mountain ranges, boats at sea or a bird in a tree as well as stars clusters and lunar craters. You'll even see the 4 largest moons of Jupiter.
Use it as a 70mm tele-photo lens by attaching your Digital SLR camera (fitted with optional T-ring adaptor) to the M42x0.75 threaded focuser end.

Comes with canvas rucksack type backpack which includes extra storgae sections within. The camera style alt-azimuth light-weight tripod extends from 40cm to 110cm to 125cm in height. Great as a target shooters table top scope.

- Diameter/Aperture: 70mm
- Focal Length: 400mm - f/5.7
- Multi-coated achromatic objective lens
- Includes finderscope 5x24 optical
- Eyepieces: 20mm and 10mm
- Highest Practical Power 140x
- Erect Image Diagonal
- Smooth rack-and-pinion 1.25" focuser (M42 male threaded end for attaching DSLR)
- 36% more light gathering power than 60mm
- Pre-assembled tripod suitable also for mounting Digital SLR or video cameras
- Lens cleaning cloth
- Wall Moon Map and Guide to the Planets
- Instruction manual (not that it needs one)

The mounting is metal, short length, Vixen style dovetail with 1/4 UNC threaded mounting holes. So, at only 690 gms the OTA alone can be used also as a low cost 70mm auto-guiding scope as well.

5-Years Limited Warranty



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