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Saxon 150mm Newtonian HEQ5 GoTo telescope

If you're looking to do more serious observing at an affordable price then the this excellent Saxon / Sky-Watcher 6inch newtonian package with sturdy stainless steel tube legs and fine dual speed Crayford focuser has enough power to observe details in the cloud tops of Jupiter, Saturn and surface features of Mars. Views of the Moon are stunning and you'll see more structure in faint deepsky object than with smaller apertures.


- Diameter/Aperture: 150mm (6-inch)
- Focal Length: 750mm
- Diffraction-limited secondary mirror support
- Parabolic primary mirror
- Gathers enough light to reveal many deep-sky luminaries.
- 33% more light gathering power than 130mm, 73% more light than 114mm
- 6x30 achromatic finderscope for easy location of objects
- Smooth Crayford style dual speed 2" focuser
- Eyepiece 25mm

MOUNT - HEQ5 Pro and SynScan V4

This heavy-duty mount is a smaller version of the sturdy EQ6 mount. It is specially designed for observers who need the stability of the EQ6 mount, but find the EQ6 mount too physically demanding. Like the EQ6 mount, this high-precision equatorial mount features engraved aluminium setting circles and a latitude scale, built-in illuminated polar scope for Southern Hemisphere use, large R.A. and DEC. locking clamps, electric slow-motion controls on both axes, and retractable counterweight shaft and counterweight. The strong and rigid field tripod is remarkably stable with adjustable height, incorporating 1.5"-diameter steel tripod legs. My Astro Shop highly recommend this mount and this telescope!

SynScan hand-controller includes over 40,000 object database plus RS-232 interface for use with PC planetarium software and autoguider interface. Requires (optional) 12VDC 2A(min) regulated power supply.



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