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Vixen HR 2.4mm Eyepiece 1.25 inch

MADE IN JAPAN, this super high resolution, high contrast eyepiece allows for observation of subtle difference of the cloud tops and surface of the planets. HR eyepieces are high magnification and designed for good performance in short focal length telescopes. With long eye relief, it is not stressful to look through despite the high magnification.

- Strehl ratio approximately 100.0% As a result of thorough pursuit of high resolution, when combined with the F8 no-abberation telescopes, the Strehl ratio of 100.0% was achieved at the centre of the field of view. It is 97% or more even near the edge of the field of view.

- Suitable for Newtonian telescopes with fast primary mirrors The HR eyepieces work extremely well as it has the ability to correct coma aberration. Conventional eyepiece specifications merely show the performance when an object is put in the centre of the field of view of the eyepiece. As a result, the resolving power declines as you move toward the edge of the field of view and it fell to less than 40% near the edge. However, using HR eyepieces, the strehl ratio of 93% or more was realised even near the edge of the field of view and you can observe the surface of the planets or the moon throughout the field of view.

- Simple 5 elements in 3 groups lens design. While most eyepieces are constructed from 7 or 8 lens elements, the Vixen HR eyepieces are constructed with a 5 lens elements design to achieve the largest possible transmission of light. The absorption and reflection of light are virtually eliminated.
- Enhanced light transmission characteristics. The Vixen AS-coating achieves extremely high light transmission of 99.9% per lens surface. It is applied to each of the surfaces to deliver extremely high contrast images.
- Stray light correction. The grooved lens frame construction contributes to the reduction of stray light. The inside of the eyepiece is perfectly threaded and blackened to prevent deterioration of the image from stray light. The inner baffle rings effectively stop any stray light. Even a hint of reflection which might occur on the tip of the sleeve is eliminated.

Generally, it is said that the limit of useful magnification for a telescope is two times the effective aperture in millimetres. (Example: For a 100mm reflector, the maximum useful magnification is 200x) However, if you have really good equipment and observing conditions, this is not the limit. If you have high-quality equipment and skill of handling high magnification, it is possible to observe even at ultra-high magnification that you have never experienced before.

- Focal length 2.4mm
- Apparent FOV 42 degrees
- Eye relief 10mm
- Push-fit size 31.7mm (1.25 inch)
- Weight 115g



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