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Vixen Finder Eyepiece 100

The Vixen Finder Eyepiece 100 is a simple ocular lens with a long focal length of 100mm. Suited well to terrestrial use, it is also a very useful aid for targeting stars or a planet where neck-breaking sighting with a finderscope may be difficult for some.

The super low power Finder Eyepiece 100 is equipped with crosshairs in the field of view for using as a finder scope. It is attached to the visual back or directly into the drawtube of your telescope and used to center a target object easier within the telescope's field of view then swap out for a normal eyepiece.


Focal length: 100mm
Large Rubber eyecup
Long Eye-relief
AFOV: 11 degrees
Fine Crosshairs
Size: 31.7mm (1.25 inch) barrel
Length: 186mm
Diameter: 50mm
Weight: 180gms



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