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Vixen Super Plossl Eyepiece and Filter Kitadd this item to shopping cartThis product is highly recommended
Case with 5 Vixen 1.25-inch Super Plossl oculars, 5 filters and 2X Barlow

If you are looking for a seriously good selection of Super Plossl eyepieces at a quality and performance level above the Celestron kit but at an affordable price with a great range of practicle magnifications for all telescopes, then our personally selected Vixen NPL eyepiece and filter pack is just the ticket. All eyepieces are 1.25-inch threaded to take standard filters providing visual flexibility and multi-coated optics fora lifetimes use. The renowned Vixen eyepieces come with excellent twist-up eyecups.


-NPL40 Fully Multicoated Super Plossl (40 degree AFOV) A wide view all-rounder for general observing and hunting down celestial targets with excellent edge correction even using fast scopes.
-NPL25 Fully Multicoated Super Plossl eyepiece (50 degree AFOV)A great all-rounder for general observing and hunting down celestial targets)
-NPL20 Fully Multicoated Super Plossl eyepiece (50 degree AFOV)A great all-rounder for general observing and hunting down celestial targets)
-NPL15 Fully Multicoated Super Plossl eyepiece (50 degree AFOV) A great ocular for general studies of the Moon and closer inspection of star clusters and bright nebulae.
-NPL10 Fully Multicoated Super Plossl eyepiece (50 degree AFOV)
-2X Vixen T-thread barlow Lens
1 x Neutral Density filter for observing the Moon and splitting binary stars.
1 x #12 Yellow (74% transmission) Enhances red and orange features of Jupiter and Saturn, while blocking blue and green wavelengths. Also lightens red and orange features on Mars, while reducing, the transmission of blue and green areas. This filter increases the contrast between the two. Also enhances the blue clouds in the Martian atmosphere. Can also be used to increase contrast in lunar features with telescopes of 150mm aperture and larger.
1 x #23A Light Red (25% transmission) A popular filter for use when observing Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Due to the lower light transmission of this filter, it is best used with telescopes larger than 130mm aperture. It performs many of the same functions as the #21 and the #15 but with somewhat more contrast. Can be a useful filter for daylight observations of Mercury and Venus. improving contrast between these planets and the pale blue sky.
1 x #58A Green (24% transmission) Strongly rejects red and blue wavelengths increasing their contrast on the lighter regions of Jupiter's cloud tops. Useful for enhancing the cloud belts and polar regions of Saturn.
1 x #80A One of the most widely used filters for planetary observation. This superbly manufactured filter will yield outstanding improved views of Jupiter and Saturn in particular.

Comes in a smart lockable, padded metal carry case with shoulder strap. Freight includes insurance.

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Price: $499.00
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