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Deep Sky Video Astronomyadd this item to shopping cartThis product is highly recommended
Code: ISBN 9781741105308
Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series on video for night sky imaging

If you're seeking a concise guide to using modern integrating (frame accumulation) video cameras for deep-sky viewing and imaging with the kinds of modest telescopes available commercially to amateur astronomers then this book is it. Written by Australian amateur astronomers Steve Massey and Steve Quirk, this book covers the essential basics of this highly efficient technology along with practicle step-by-step procedures for processing your celestial portraits. Using popular image processing and enhancement tools like Adobe Photoshop and the Registax the processes invloved are revealed in simplistic (follow me) steps.

Along with detailed in-the-field set up guides to ensure you experience a fruitful evening of videography, the book also includes detailed procedures on how to create colour images of nebulae and galaxies using black-and-white image streaming cameras that will have enduring value not only for video imagers but anyone undertaking tri-colour astrophotography using a monochrome CCD camera.

Printed in the United States and sold around the world, it was first published in 2009 and reprinted in 2011.


"This is a very practical book from which even the most experienced video astronomers will be able to learn and gain new ideas for their deep-sky videography. An extensive gallery of beautiful images obtained with the basic Mintron-derived camera will give the reader inspiration and confidence to try it for themselves. This is a book that should have its place in the library of every amateur astronomer who has an interest in real-time viewing and imaging with video." (Steve Wainwright, Astronomy Now, November, 2009)

The enthusiasm and competence of the authors is obvious on every page and as an ‘how to do it’ book it is exemplary.The authors deal exclusively with the use of CCTV and video cameras to obtain images of deep-sky objects. Their selection of both monochrome and colour examples of images shows with aplomb just what can be obtained, and the images compare favourably with those obtained with conventional CCD cameras with cooling and long integration times. I thoroughly recommend this book. (E. Norman Walker, The Observatory, Vol. 129 (1213), December, 2009)

The main tenet of this book is that it is possible to produce outstanding images of deep sky objects using CCD video cameras. The authors cram in a huge amount of technical detail covering every aspect of imaging with these cameras. The book is profusely illustrated, with diagrams and images on most pages. The book is written in a free-flowing narrative style. Recommended for those interested in starting video imaging, and experienced imagers should find much of interest in the detail.(Andrew Elliott, Journal of the British Astronomical Association, Vol. 120 (1), 2010)

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